This year  DX is co-located with SAFEPROCESS, so there are two types of registrations:

  1. DX only registration: includes the DX workshop attendance (from 31 August afternoon to 3 September noon), coffee breaks, lunches and DX social event (Tuesday, Sept. 1, afternoon and diner). 
  2. DX-SAFEPROCESS joint registration: includes the two conference attendances (from 31 August to 4 September), coffee breaks, lunches,  DX social event (Tuesday  Sept. 1 afternoon and diner), Safeprocess welcome and closing receptions, Safeprocess preprints, Safeprocess banquet (Thursday Sept. 3 evening).

IMPORTANT: to publish an accepted paper at DX, a regular registration is mandatory (either DX-only or DX-SAFEPROCESS joint regular registration).

EARLY-BIRD REGISTRATION RATES (before 24 May 2015 midnight Paris time)

  1. DX only Regular registration: 420€
  2. DX only Student registration: 350€
  3. DX-SAFEPROCESS joint Regular registration: 750€
  4. DX-SAFEPROCESS joint  Student registration: 600€


LATE REGISTRATION RATES (from 25 May till 30 June midnight Paris time)

  1. DX only Regular registration: 550€
  2. DX only Student registration: 480€
  3. DX-SAFEPROCESS joint  Regular registration: 900€
  4. DX-SAFEPROCESS joint  Student registration: 750€



DX has a set of preallocated rooms at  Kellermann center for DX participants at a very cheap price in Paris. You can book an accommodation at the same time you register to DX (see below). NEWS: DX participants that are already registered can now book their accommodation through the DX registration system (see accommodation webpage)


 DX ACCOMMODATION PRICES FOR 3 NIGHTS from 31/08 evening to 03/09 morning at Kellermann center

  1. Single bedroom: 180€ (3 nights total)
  2. Double shared bedroom: 120€  (3 nights total per person)

The number of DX allocated rooms is limited (especially single bedrooms), it is highly recommended to register and book as soon as possible. If you want to extend your stay at your own expenses at this center (come some days earlier and/or depart some days later, especially if you attend SAFEPROCESS), you can do so by contacting the center directly to book for the extended period.If you do so, please do not forget to mention that the room you are booking is a "DX prebooked" room (booking number K20141003050) for the period 31/08-03/09 but that it is a NEW BOOKING PAID BY YOU for the extension (send an email to If you ask for an extension, you might have to change room during your stay, however we will do our best to avoid such changes.

Registration and Accommodation booking procedure (deadline 30th june 2015 midnight Paris time):

The registration is a two-step process:

  • First step (creation of your account): Pre-registration on the CNRS Azur Colloque platform: first enter your personal data and the registration type (DX-only, DX-safeprocess, regular or student). Later a validation e-mail, inviting you to register, will be sent to you within 48 hours so do not wait till the last day to pre-register as you might not be able to register on time.
  • Second step (Payment): Once the validation email is received, you can effectively register on the CNRS Azur Colloque platform: click on Confirm a pre-registration and enter the details that have been set at pre-registration time. You pay 'in one go' the registration conference fees and the DX accommodation fees by selecting among the options that are proposed (see image below). You can pay by credit card or at a later time (by bank transfer). Credit card is preferred.


Important: do not check the "CNRS employee" box (even if you are a CNRS employee)







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